Return Policy

The customer will have 14 days from the date of receiving the order to return it. In order to be returned, the product must be intact (with all the accessories) so it can be resold. A used item will not be accepted.

  • Any return must be accepted by 44BOARDSHOP, which will give you a return code that you will write, ensuring that it is visible, on the outside of the package to be sent to us (any delivery without return code will not be accepted by this business but returned to its origin).
  • Every product made up of hard material, such as snowboards, surfboards, kitesurf, paddleboards, windsurf, replacements or lenses will not be exchanged or returned and must be paid for prior to processing.
  • Shipping costs due to the return of the product will be charged to the purchaser as well as the costs of COD payment, since this is the payment method chosen by the purchaser.
  • The company will discount €7.00 per returned product to cover handling, paperwork, management and payment.
  • When the cost of the returned product is over €100, if the purchase cannot be carried out, the shipping costs will also be charged to the customer and they will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

The settlement amount will be paid within 48/72 hours from its reception, after verifying the product and checking that it is suitable for subsequent sale. The payment will be made using the same payment method chosen when purchasing. Purchases made using payment by Cash on Delivery, cash receipt or bank transfer must indicate an account number to refund the amount of the purchase.

Return instructions

Please pack the products in a suitable box.

Make sure to pay for all delivery costs in advance. We recommend that you research shipment costs with different courier companies so you can find the most convenient and efficient service for your return.

Send the package to the return address:

Padre Ellacuría 1
39770 Laredo

If desired, you can also use our convenient home collection service. We send a courier to the address indicated by you, to collect the package. The home collection service costs €8 for Spain and Portugal. For other EU countries, the cost is €17. Please provide your address, telephone number and preferred day of the week (from Monday to Friday) where the item can be collected. Collection hours are from 8 am to 6 pm.

In case that the collection was requested from a country outside of the European Custom´s “FREE TRADE AREA”(Swiss, Channel Islands, Luxembourg, Ireland, etc) the Buyer will be charged additionally with the Export Clearance cost. (Estimated in 16 Eur)


Complaints and manufacturer's guarantee

In the event that you file a complaint, the process distinguishes between mistakes that are our responsibility (see subject 1) and mistakes that the manufacturer is responsible for (see subject 2).

Complaints due to products sent in error

If you return the order due to an error on our part (such as a mistake in the colour of a product), we will of course pay the shipping costs. If the delivery included a free return sticker, you can send it back to us at no extra cost using this label. If that is not the case, check how much it will cost you to return it yourself. We can decide whether you should deliver it or whether we can organise to collect it from your home address. Naturally, if we ask you to return the item, we will reimburse you the shipping costs if the reason for return is due to our mistake. Returns proven to be due to our mistake will be refunded or changed instantly.

Complaints due to damaged products

Returns that are the manufacturer's responsibility (such as flaws in a model) will be delivered to the manufacturer directly. As soon as we hear from them, we will let you know that the return has been accepted and you will be able to ask for a replacement or credit for 44BOARDSHOP shop.

In the event that your product had a flaw in the materials, you just have to contact us..

Warning: : the terms of each warranty depend on each manufacturer, and they are usually described on the warranty card that goes with every product.

Possible examples of manufacturing error would be that the top layer of your snowboard is coming off, the sole of your shoes are not properly glued or that a part of your fastenings breaks in a situation they should endure without difficulty.

Normally, the majority of manufacturers offer a year's guarantee for product materials of their products (some of them may even give even two years). So, if you have any problem with your product, even after using it under normal conditions, you can claim against the guarantee:

  • Please send us an email with the order number and your full name. Describe the problem and, if possible, include photos to clarify the matter. We will examine the problem and tell you if there is a justifiable reason to return the product. If we are not sure, we will resend the description to the manufacturer to get their opinion. This process will save you paying for shipping and then finding out that the problem is not covered by the guarantee.
  • If we think that the product has a manufacturing error, please return it to us and then we will send it back to the manufacturer.
  • In this case, we will have to wait for the manufacturer's answer. The amount of time taken is not the same for every manufacturer. Shortly after, we will hear if the manufacturer accepts the claim and what he is offering in return. Whenever possible, the product will be repaired and, if it is not possible, it will be replaced. If your product is no longer available, you will receive the next model. If the manufacturer decides your claim is not justified (for instance, if the product was damaged by out of the ordinary usage), the product will be returned to you.
  • As soon as we receive the replacement, we will send it to you free of charge.
  • Credit coupons from manufacturers cannot be exchanged for cash.

Please bear the following in mind: the majority of manufacturers will not accept warranty claims due to damages caused by handrails, walls or rough landings!

Our customer service are always pleased to help you! Here you can find the contact data and the hours for contacting us!